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Editing the British Heart Foundation's flagship magazine was a privilege. As Editor, I was responsible for deciding on the theme for each issue, working with the design team on covers, and editing articles from medical staff, dietitians and writers. Here is a selection of articles including case study interviews, research articles and columns.

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Exploring BHF Research

In this article, we linked BHF's cutting edge research to futuristic films to show how BHF-funded research makes a tangible difference.

Tackling the future

An interview with former rugby player Lee Mears after he discovered he had a heart condition. We visited Lee in his home and learned about his plans following his retirement from professional rugby.

Living with heart disease

In this cover story, I interviewed three people who had been affected by heart disease. It was important to tell their stories with sensitivity and respect.

Interview with a PhD student

I visited a BHF-funded PhD student in her lab to find out how the charity helps to inspire scientists of the future.

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