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I have an MSc in Creative Writing for Therapeutic Purposes.

My dissertation was a Poetic Inquiry exploring my motherhood journey.

Here is a collection of poems reflecting my love for nature, literature, friends and family.



A poem about my love for writing and books

Turning Pages

I wanted to be on the inside,

When I was young,

So, I could swim in a chocolate lake,

Dive down the rabbit hole,

Climb the faraway tree,

Jump into the Briar bush.

Watch pheasants fall from the sky.

But, reality bites

Oh so quickly

And you can’t live

Your life

Through a book

Years have passed

And the pages

Are yellowed

Some of them

Ripped at the seams

So now, I turn them more carefully,

But no more do I run from my dreams.



A poem about enjoying nature. Taking time out.

Making Time

There is still time. 

Finish that list 

all the things 

you should do  


you’re 11¾.  

Blow a grass trumpet, 

Let shapes cloud the sky 

Grab a kite 


Run until you can’t breathe 

Lie in the long grass 

pick flowers on the hill 


There is 

still time. 


A poem about growing older, inspired by my favourite walk on a fossil beach
in my home county of Somerset.



Childishly, gleefully

jumping over rocks,

skidding on seaweed

hunting dinosaur bones

mysteries of the past

I’m fossilising…

A solitary walk

across the cliff tops

hares jab and jibe

one ready to mate

the other, not quite

Spring lambs gambol

bluebells blossom

sunlight glistens

new beginnings

as two become one

We’re fossilising…

Rip the slate free

bring it crashing down

dust shatters

ammonites shining

hidden treasure inside

The clatter of little feet

chasing cross the rocks

slipping on seaweed

heart-stopping moments

as two become three

Happy fossilising…

Sea salt licks my skin

deposits white lines

along facial crevices,

as the wind whistles

through medusa hair

Stop at a rock pool

and stare down into

an alien landscape

rippled and distorted

like the passage of time

Rip the slate free

Bring it crashing down

So it breaks and shatters

Hunting more treasure

finding emptiness inside

I’m fossilising fast…

Yet, with childish glee

I clamour craggy rocks

squelching on seaweed,

head down searching,

hopefully for the past

Ancient stone


and brittle

frail and insecure

The rutted fossil

etched upon its face

beautiful and tactile

its mysteries unknow

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